Our core business  is the specification, sourcing, procurement, supply and sterilization containers  and personal protective equipment required for hospitals first responders and government agencies


With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has changed drastically. Nations and regions are moving inwards to protect their citizens and understand how to deal with the new world. Most social, religious, and economic activities have been suspended, and subsequently many of the world's largest economies, including the United States, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, and France have experienced downward fiscal trends. However, despite the interruption in most economic and social activities, there have been significant growth opportunities for healthcare personal protective equipment and sterilization industries worldwide.

Scarcity, Efficacy, and Wasted  PPE

Global Increase in the cost of PPE

Citizens  DemandBetter Solutions

Front Line Workers Need Safer Cheaper Protection


EMGTA is dedicated to keeping the world connected to supply PPE products through its sterilization units and offers innovative, cost-effective, flexible, scalable, and traceable systems for sterilization. EMGTA’s main goal is to ensure the efficacy, availability, and fair pricing of PPE.
EMGTA’s offered solutions have the following main benefits:• EMGTA’s provided solutions are highly efficient, easy to move anywhere within the country and internationally, scalable and flexible because of its innovative design.• Sterilization unit is the only solution that can sanitize up to 80 thousand healthcare personal protective equipment at a time.• A sterilization unit can be used up to 20 times to meet the high demand of first responders and government agencies.• We ensure the timely supply of personal protective equipment with extra fast delivery to address the shortage of healthcare PPE.• The services offered by EMGTA are cost-efficient, as described below


Make, store, and disinfect PPE up to 20 TIMES


Add additional units as needed to meet demands


Store and deploy units to any location at anytime anywhere in the world


Barcode scanning tracks the efficacy of all Personal Protection Equipment

Our Specialists

River Clark


Harvey Kaplan

Managing Director of the EMGTA

Rav Jaspa

Director of Operations

EMGTA Solutions


Hospitals, schools, government agencies, conventions centers, hotels,stadiums, airports, bus or train stations, places of worship and more


Easily shipped, modular design, self powered, and scalable each unitcan be customized to fit any need, in any environment


Geographic emphasis on those states hardest hit in the US by COVID-19.Later expanding into countries with limited access to healthcare

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