We provide expert advice on how to reduce corporate and asset-level carbon emissions and climate-related financial risk within the value chain. Our team of experienced consultants can provide deep insights into climate policy, assist in creating multi-stakeholder coalitions to ensure sustainable development, and help build new or repurpose existing infrastructure for the low-carbon economy.


We understand that this is an unprecedented challenge and we are committed to helping our clients plan for a more resilient future and to building a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

What We Do

Our Mission

Building sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impact, improve social equity and create economic opportunity for our clients and communities.

- Harvey Kaplan, Managing Partner

At EMGTA, we recognize the need for a low-carbon economy transition to tackle the risks associated with climate change. The time for action is now – governments, businesses, and investors have a shared responsibility to make this essential shift toward sustainability.

We believe that through our expertise and knowledge, we can help clients navigate this journey –from providing strategic advice to delivering practical, on-the-ground implementation. Our goal is to help individual business owners and corporate entities alike to ensure successful transitions to carbon emissions status that will benefit both the environment and financial performance.