Our sustainability work covers a wide range of areas, including stakeholder engagement, performance measurement and reporting, supply chain management, risk assessment, and more. Our teams provide guidance, recommend best practices and develop systems and processes to ensure sustainability is embedded throughout the organization.


EMGTA works with organizations to help create long-tEMGTA value by providing insights into how to strategically approach sustainability and enhancing transparency around their commitments.

What We Do

Our Mission

Building sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impact, improve social equity and create economic opportunity for our clients and communities.

- Harvey Kaplan, Managing Partner

Companies around the world are recognizing that sustainability is an increasingly important strategic priority. With investors, customers, and even their own employees pressuring them to take action, executives must understand and address the complex challenges of climate change, human rights, resource scarcity and other pressing issues.

We help companies define ambitious goals and create actionable plans to ensure sustainable business practices become an integral part of the corporate strategy.