By implementing smarter strategies and investing in innovations that consider the entire life cycle of a product, companies can save costs while reducing their environmental impacts — creating sustainable solutions for both the planet and the business. It's time to rise to the challenge — let's embrace product innovation for a brighter future.


The future of product innovation lies in our hands. We have the power to shape how products are sourced, developed, manufactured, distributed, used, and disposed of.

What We Do

Our Mission

Building sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impact, improve social equity and create economic opportunity for our clients and communities.

- Harvey Kaplan, Managing Partner

Product innovation is an important part of how we can create a more sustainable world. Every company has the power to make choices that minimize their environmental impact, both directly and indirectly, by understanding and managing the impacts associated with their products throughout their lifecycle.

By taking responsible actions in product development, manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal, companies can create products that are better for our planet, and better for their bottom line.

At each stage of a product’s life cycle - from how it is sourced and developed, to how it is manufactured, distributed, used, and disposed of -there are opportunities for businesses to reduce their ecological footprint while improving the efficiency of their operations.

By investing in product innovation that takes into account these lifecycle stages, companies can become more profitable, sustainable, and resilient. As we continue to move forward into an increasingly complex technological age, embracing product innovation will be essential for success. Let us not forget: sustainability isn't just good for our planet — it's good for business.