Our Mission

Building sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impact, improve social equity and create economic opportunity for our clients and communities.

- Harvey Kaplan, Managing Partner


Metals and minerals are essential components of our lives, acting as the building blocks of modern infrastructure. We can't take for granted their importance to both the functioning of everyday life and the bigger picture -climate change solutions such as renewable energy rely on these resources being available and accessible. To ensure our progress into a sustainable future, we must invest in better.

Mining companies have long been the subject of criticism for the way they manage their operations and what is left behind after extraction. With increasing investor scrutiny, managing costs, imbalances between supply and demand, and safety concerns in an industry with such a high fatality rate, it's clear that progress must be made.

At EMGTA, we are passionate about working with our mining industry partners to tackle the challenges they face today. We understand that modern mining operations need to take into account social and environmental issues as well as operational risks, and we provide tailored solutions to help them address these complex issues. Our expertise lies in major incident prevention, managing risk, and control.